Quantum Sensing and Communication

Quantum sensing builds on nonclassical resources to drastically surpass the conventional limits in classical sensing. At the University of Michigan, we develop novel quantum materials with exceptional properties as a foundation for quantum sensors based on entanglement and nanoscale structures. The quantum sensors are envisioned to translate the landscape of many realms, such as navigation without GPS signals, biomedical imaging, and the search for new physics.

Quantum communication distributes and shares quantum information, such as superposition and entangled states, over long distances to empower various applications, including entangled quantum sensors, quantum-secured communication, and distributed quantum computing. Our research at the University of Michigan gives rise to critical building blocks for quantum communication networks. These include quantum memories that reliably store quantum information, quantum transducers that transfer quantum information between disparate quantum systems, and quantum transceivers that efficiently encode and decode quantum information.

ECE Faculty

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Alexander Burgers

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